kanye west only one

Kanye has premiered the visual for new single “Only One,” starring baby North. It’s either heartbreaking or painfully boring, you can decide which.

Kanye West’s new era is shaping up to be a strange one. Between the now debunked rumour that the entire record had been produced by Paul McCartney (thanks for nothing, hairdresser) and the anti-single first cut “Only One,” Yeezy clearly isn’t playing by your rules this time around.

The first video from the project is similarly unchartered territory for Kanye, featuring, well, not much of anything really. For some reason it made me cry like an infant though, so do check it out below:

The visual begins with Kanye running along what appears to be an English country road and moves onto the “Stronger” star chilling with daughter, North West. It’s a stark contrast to his previous efforts – there’s none of the raw fury we saw in the likes “Black Skinhead” or the hip-hop magic of “Gold Digger” and co. but it still has a clear vision, which is always a good thing. There’s not much more to say about the video because very little else happens, but it’s tragic for nothing more than the combination of the song’s subject matter and Nori’s featured role.

The Paul McCartney collaboration is still an overwhelming success for the former-rapper; not playing into the hands of radio or his past successes, Kanye has proven that he doesn’t need to pander to our expectations to create decent music. There’ll undoubtedly be fans of the self-proclaimed ‘Yeezus’ who find the song dull purely because it’s not at all inline with what we’re used to from West, but that doesn’t diminish its success.

This ratchet version of the clip is live at time of publishing, but since West has uploaded the clip to his official website and not YouTube you’ll have to settle for an illegal upload. You can check it out in the manner Yeesus intended here: kanyewest.com.

What do you think of Kanye’s new video? Is it pulling on your heart-strings or sending you to sleep? Tell us what you think in Exhale.