Kanye West Debuts "All Day" Video During Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West debuted his new music video for “All Day” at his show during Fashion Week in Paris.

West debuted the Steve McQueen-directed clip at the Fondation Louis Vuitton this weekend, and purposefully allowed a flood of iPhones to capture it and share online.

It appears Beyonce’s “7/11” GoPro-style music video inspired West’s latest clip where he runs around a warehouse getting all hyped n’ ****. Much like his latest performances, the video focuses on stylish simplicity versus a hand-full of special effects, all the while Kanye charges the camera.

In the last clip, Kanye calms himself, sits down and longingly stares into the camera to begin singing an entirely new song we haven’t yet heard from him.

Check out a fan-filmed video below and wait for it…. wait for it… to get the official release probably this week.