Kanye West doesn’t know when to shutup. And I love it!

“Kanye West has dubbed R&B star Beyonce the ‘greatest performer of our generation.’

What the fuuuuuuuuuck?!


“I believe Beyonce is the greatest performer of our generation,” Kanye says in an interview for the February issue of VIBE.

“And yeah, there are better dancers out there, like Britney, but she cant hold a candle to what Bey, oh i mean Queen Bey can do on stage”.

“I believe I am the greatest entertainer of this generation. I go neck-and-neck on Jay-Z and (Lil) Wayne as far as who’s the best lyricist. Jay-Z has longevity,” he added.

There’s only room for one Queen B in this world, and it ain’t Sasha Fierce that’s for sure!

Guess Kanye hasn’t felt the true wrath of a Britney fan…


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