Plus, read what Travis had to say about Kanye’s new album.


The rappers release a creepy video just in time for Halloween.

Kanye West and Travis Scott just released the video for their collaboration off of Travis’ debut album “Rodeo”. The “Piss On Your Grave” video, much like the song, is creepy and dark, but doesn’t have much in the way of a storyline. The “lo-fi” video, as described by Scott, avoids the obvious cemetery backdrop and instead features Kanye and Travis rapping in a forest. Halfway through they are joined by a masked man, who as it turns out is rapper Mos Def.

In an interview, Travis talked about how the video came about, explaining: “I was in my hotel room in Paris, and we were just chillin’ and I just ****** around and was like ‘We need to do the video while we’re in Paris!”

Check it out:

The newcomer also dished on Kanye’s upcoming album. Although Kanye recently called the album a “two-year painting” that he might still work on for another year, Travis claims that the new album is coming “very soon”. He went on to praise his collaborator’s new music, teasing: “That ‘Ye album is nothing to sleep on”.

Via Rolling Stone

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