After last year’s meeting at the Billboard Awards, US rapper Kanye West expressed interest in a possible duet with Britney after meeting her backstage. When asked about a possible collaboration a few days later, he replied “Britney’s a great lady and a duet with her would be really interesting. It’d be cool to see what we’d come up with.” But now it seems the duet is more than just a spare-of-the-moment kind of thing.

Kanye is currently working on his sophmore follow up to last year’s smash hit album, ‘The College Dropout’, and is still interested in working with Britney. When asked about his new material, Kanye was more than happy to add heat to the fire, dropping a few hints as to whom is contributing to the album.

He made it clear that a few ‘old friends’ would be appearing on the un-named album, along with 2 very special ladies. When asked who the ‘special ladies’ were, he said that he couldn’t reveal too much but that one was a friend whom had worked with him on ‘College Dropout’ (which would be Syleena Johnson from “All Falls Down”). The second was said to be ‘a new friend made at a recent award show’. Britney Spears, anyone?

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