Spokesperson releases statement saying Swift declined and was not told about misogynistic lyrics.


Kanye West is once again under fire for his misogyny.

On what should’ve been a day of celebration as his 7th album The Life Of Pablo was released, along with the third season launch of his fashion line, Kanye West has instead opted for controversy, bringing back the tired, dead feud between him and Taylor Swift in a tasteless reference to the publicity backlash his 2009 VMA interruption of her award win caused.

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have ***/ I made that ***** famous.”

In case anyone decides to believe West’s sexist claim that Taylor owes him her career (and ***, apparently, because what else are women good for right, Yeezy?), Taylor Swift’s debut self titled album, released three years before the VMA incident, holds the record for longest stay on the Billboard 200 for any album released in the 2000s. Her next pre-Kanye album, Fearless, reached #1 and was the best selling album of 2009. So there.

Initial claims said Taylor was somehow okay with the lyrics, despite that going against almost everything she says she values in the past two years, Taylor’s spokesperson has now issued a statement to Pitchfork clarifying that not only did Swift disagree with the song but was not even told about the inclusion of the lyric “I made that b*tch famous”:

FYI re Kanye/Taylor/"Famous" aka mom and dad broke up again

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You have to wonder why someone as supposedly talented and artistic as Kanye appeared to be, until recently, would go to the effort of being so misogynistic toward someone he apparently made nice with last year, someone who he couldn’t even be 100% honest with while trying to gain their approval to use them for publicity. One would think if he was as desperate for publicity as one can be when married to a Kardashian, that siding with Taylor would’ve actually serve him better. And why does he need the woman he supposedly made famous to publicise his track for him??

After the Amber Rose incident and now the (second) Taylor incident, it’s a pretty sad day to be a Kanye fan, his Life Of Pablo promo campaign appears to have centered around demeaning and undermining women who inconvenienced him at some point in his life years ago.

Taylor’s brother, Austin, made his anger clear, filming himself tossing a pair of Yeezy’s in the trash. The Instagram video was supported by Taylor’s longtime friend Selena Gomez and Taylor’s boyfriend Calvin Harris.

Gigi Hadid, another Taylor BFF, clarified her attendance at the event did not change her loyalty to Swift: