A comeback.

BLACKPINK are red hot.

South Korean girl group BLACKPINK, a cute quartet made up of Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé, are sharing a glittery video for their Teddy-produced new tune, “As If’s Your Last,” a followup to 2016’s “Playing With Fire.”

It’s their first re-introduction with a shiny new image and sound. “We will be making a comeback with a track that has a different genre than the ones we’ve done in the past,” Jisoo told Soompi.com. “It’s a track that fits well with the summer atmosphere and brings out our lively charms. If our previous songs had a more ‘black’ color to them, then this song has more of a ‘pink’ color vibe. We had prepared a lot in the past to bring more powerful performances, but for this song, we have a choreography that is easier to follow and we even blow kisses. There are a lot of cute, pretty elements mixed in.”

The sparkly clip features the girls dancing around in school girl uniforms and perfectly executing stylized choreography in a tunnel of LED lights. By no means is the visual groundbreaking, but their resurgence is making waves. In less than a day, the video has racked up nearly 10 million views. “Our goal for this comeback is to make our name more known to the public. We’ve always had a goal to be a group that people can come to for good quality music, but in order for this to happen, we think people need to know who we are more first… Because we’re still rookies, we don’t have a big picture dream just yet. It would be nice if we become more easily recognized by the public.”

Let’s get familiar, shall we? Give it a spin below:

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