Kevin Federline hosted a live chat for (does he even have?) fans on Tuesday. He talked about his recent collapse, his excess weight and even answered a few Britney-related questions. Check it out:

Other than Britney, what other popstars have you danced with?
I never danced for Britney actually, i’ve danced for Destiny’s Child, Pink, JT, Christina Milian, Michael Jackson, Usher and many more…

Do you hate or like being referred to as ‘the ex Mr Britney Spears’?
I dont hate it, but i dont like living in that shadow.

Your boys have grown up so much, you and britney must be proud. So are you going to bring them on holiday to australia sometime?
I would love to bring them out here, it just depends on their school schedule.

what’s your relationship with britney like nowadays?
britney and i have come a long way. we get along really well and do everything we have to do to make sure our kids are raised right.

What are Jayden and Sean like? Are they more like Britney or more like you?
i would have to say jayden is more like Brit and Preston is more like Dad. But both of them are their own character.

Whats your best and worst Britney song?
i never have really listened to her music, i’m a hiphop cat

are you invited to Britney and Jason’s wedding?
i’ll be in australia

Is it annoying to be mainly known for being ‘Britney’s ex’. Do you hope one day in the future you’ll have countless things to override that name?
i’ve accepted that being married to her will always be part of my life but would love for people to admire me for myself.

Hey Kev, was Chaotic scripted or was it really true how you and britney were on the road together??
It was true to how it was on the road

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