Aspiring rapper and Britney Spears barnacle Kevin Federline played his first New York show this weekend it kicked off the tour promoting his self-released debut, Playing With Fire and Webster Hall Saturday night was a curious sight indeed.

An informal survey of the crowd yielded a foursome who confessed that they were friends of K-Fed’s manager and had gotten free tickets; two judgment-reserving girls who also had free tickets, which they’d won from TRL; a priceless foreign couple who admitted they’d first heard of Kevin Federline “this day”; and one couple with mixed intentions. (She: “I’m not a fan, just really into the tabloids!” He, glumly: “My girlfriend made me come.”) And though the venue may have been sorely undersold estimates put the sparse crowd around 250, a sixth of the Webster Hall’s capacity the impenetrable bunch of hopped-up fans pressed against the stage were an undeniably ecstatic bunch packed five rows deep.


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