As he sits down behind the mixing board at the Malibu, California, studio where he’s recording his upcoming hip-hop album, Kevin Federline takes a swig of Coke and ponders placing the can in our camera’s frame.

“You know I’ve been f—ing publicizing their f—ing ***** for f—ing years now. I think it’s time for them to f—ing give me some loot,” he says. “It could be great too, ’cause she was repping Pepsi, and I could be repping Coke.” (She, of course, being wife Britney Spears.)

Federline flashes a mischievous smile and laughs.

Despite having a mouth like a truck driver’s, K-Fed has an instant charm to him. He’s the definition of laid back, but there is an eager energy in his voice and sincerity in what he says. He’s pretty funny, too.

Kevin’s the first to admit that he inherited a vital career advantage when he married Britney, but he doesn’t call attention to her celebrity as he casually tells a story from his honeymoon about struggling without modern technology.

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