It’s only fitting that photographers caught Kevin Federline and his new girlfriend / jail bird Victoria Prince leaving a grocery store in Tarzana, CA yesterday evening cause well, let’s face it… he’s fat!

There’s so much wrong with this scenario I don’t even know where to begin. OK, I do:

A.) K-fed is wearing socks and sandals. Classy.
B.) Victoria Prince just can’t get enough wood and
C.) He’s riding the grocery cart like a 5 year old! Alright I admit, I do that **** too from time to time. Followed by sticking 50 cents in those machines by the entrance to get one of those shiny, mesmerizing stickers that ends up sitting in my car for 3 weeks before I throw it away.

Can’t wait for the album!

Images courtesy of Ginsburg/Spaly Inc.

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