Britney Spears’ wannabe rapper hubby Kevin Federline adores his his ‘pimp’ appearance because it provides him a way to be ‘rap-worthy’, according to a published report.

K-Fed was wearing a track outfit to his marriage celebration in 2004 that had the words ‘Pimp Daddy’ on the back, so he explains, “If I’m gonna be a rapper, that image can’t really hurt.”

However, K-Fed insists that his ‘pimp’ status and reputation won’t continue into his family life with wifey Britney Spears.

“A real pimp is a dude who’s making money off b***hes who sling that a** on the street.”

“Nowadays, people will say they’re a pimp just because they’re suave.”

“I’m not no pimp. I’m just Kevin. Happy husband. Happy father. I didn’t pimp Britney. I found love.”

Credit: postchronicle

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