How much can one girl take? Apparently not one second more, if you believe the latest Britney Spears marriage saving-maneuver being reported all over gossipland.

Errant husband Kevin Federline, who keeps dancing in and out of bars, clubs, and strip joints, will be accompanied by a male bodyguard who will report his activities to wifey, Britney, who is sick of finding out all the bad news in the tabloids.

This may crimp the intrepid hip-hopper’s burgeoning career as a tough guy gang-banging street thug wannabe, as he won’t be able to chase the booze and broads anymore.
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Is this a last-ditch effort to save their marriage, or the last chance for her party animal to settle down if he wants to continue to enjoy the bounty of her riches?

InTouch Weekly reports one friend of the couple as saying: “The last thing Britney wants to do is accompany Kevin on all his club dates. That’s why she hired a babysitter, a person who will keep Kevin from misbehaving and report directly back to her.”

The magazine says Spears was upset that one of her most trusted security people, an ex-CIA agent, was quitting because of Federline’s disgraceful behavior.

A pal told the mag, “Richard is a straitlaced guy, and he was upset with Kevin’s behavior. Spears eventually convinced Richard to return after promising to do something about her partying hubby. ‘I’ll take care of the Kevin situation, she allegedly promised, if you take care of me.'”

Federline being the man he is naturally protested the move, but apparently “Britney told him it wasn’t up for negotiation.”

Aahh, young love.


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