*** tape? *** TAPE? Thinking of Kevin Federline stripping himself of his khaki shorts and Cheeto-stained wife beater to well… do it with Britney makes me sick. Didn’t Britney sue a mag for this exact rumor a few years back? If she wasn’t in court every month for the last year I’d tell her to sue this ***** for this.

According to Star Magazine, Kevin will agree to give over the alleged *** tapes of him and Britney if Brit agrees to help him launch a successful music career. Dude, you couldn’t sell an album when you were WITH Britney. What makes you think you can do it now? The source says:


“On the condition she return the favor by hooking him up wit showbiz contacts, Kevin agreed to keep the racy tapes they made together locked away-and he may even turn them over to her in the future…..He’s also promised to be more flexible about accommodating Britney’s schedule with Sean and Jayden…He’s talking about letting her take a supervised trip with the boys.”

Oh you know no *** tape exists. But it gets better…

According to Hollywoodrag.com, Kevin is planning on releasing a workout dvd. I know I know, I spit out my drink when I read that too. He wants to show the world he can lose the weight he recently put on, and sell his secret tips for money. What’s the big secret? Stop smoking weed and you’ll eat less. Duh.

Kevin is reported by FOX News as saying: “I plan to get back to looking ripped and **** again – I know I have let it all go but watch me fly this year.” He blames the “pressure of looking after his children” as a reason why he gained weight.

Best of luck with the *** tape and workout dvd! Not.

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