I’ll cut him some slack here; at least he’s not eating!

Kevin Federline was spotted exercising bowling with girlfriend Victoria Prince Thursday evening. And according to TMZ, Victoria Prince and K-fed may have a lot more in common then we thought!

“Sources tell TMZ Victoria Prince was booted from her Beverly Hills home back in September after she allegedly didn’t pay rent for six months. We’re told she struck a deal with her landlord to pay him back in installments, but she never made any of the payments. Now, the landlord is suing Prince for $7500, but there’s a catch — nobody knows where to find her.”

Try the trailer park!

Prince’s landlord tried serving Prince where she works, but security wouldn’t let the process server in.

Additionally, new reports suggest Britney does NOT want Prince near her children. “Victoria loves the boys and wants to be apart of Kevin’s everyday,” an insider told In Touch Magazine this week.

But the source adds that “Britney isn’t happy about Victoria wanting to move in and be with the boys all the time.”

Sounds like a match made in heaven! I give them 3 months.

Image pacificcoastnewsonline.com via celebrity-gossip.net

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