Justin’s Tenderness For Britney

October 26, 2005 By Jordan Miller

It’s nice to know that there are no hard feelings between Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears.In fact, it seems that Cameron Diaz’s boy, Justin, has gone out of his way to defend the chick he went out with for two years.The Trousersnake has revealed he’s appalled by recent reports that photos of Britney’s baby son have allegedly been stolen and offered to websites and publications, according to IMDB.
“I do think that’s crossing the line. That’s her baby and those are her baby pictures,” he fumed.
“It’s a little crazy when a person like her, who’s obviously a sweet person, and having her first child… it’s like leave the girl alone, let her have the baby.
“At some point you’re going to get to know about her son and get to see a picture and these magazines work week to week, so I don’t understand why people can’t wait (until) she’s comfortable putting it out.”
But whether it’s Justin’s words or the threat of prosecution from Britney’s attorneys, it seems that so far the pictures have remained unpublished.
We shall wait patiently to see young Sean Preston as and when his mum says we can.

Credit: Sky News