“Justin”, a new unofficial but apparently well-researched biography of Mr Timberlake, written by Sean Smith, has just appeared in the bookstores.

It has a whole chapter on Britney.

The tone of the chapter is deeply respectful of her; there are no nasty or even adverse opinions. Even when speculating about the cause of the break-up and her possible infidelity, the author makes no attempt to blacken her character.

It tells how the relationship between Britney and Justin grew, the things they liked to do together, what the people in Justin’s circle thought of her, and of course the break up and its consequences for both of them.

Sean Smith notes how curious it is that, in the light of her subsequent “fall from grace” and transition from good to “bad” girl, everyone in Justin’s circle regarded her as lovely, sweet and innocent.

When his family met her, they were struck by her perfect skin and how she didn’t use much make-up. Her physique was also striking – although one of the tiniest of the well-known girl singers, she was unusually athletic and well-built.

Justin’s ideal girl is “blonde, with a big ****” and, in those superficial details at least, Britney must have seemed perfect for him. One wonders how Cameron Diaz – blonde with no **** – matches up to his requirements!

There is a lot in the book about what she was like when she was training to be a star – her intensity, her perfectionism, her total commitment and determination. Apparently even before she started her pop career there was such a buzz about her that other students were coming in and asking for her autograph!

All in all, her talent, ambition and loveable personality shine out.

Sean Smith, although clearly a massive JT fan, does admit that Justin got a lot more out of their relationship than Britney.

And although he points out that after the break up she “seemed to go completely off the rails”, he acknowledges that her career has now taken an upswing. Not many commentators seem to have noticed that…

One intriguing passage in Britney’s chapter is a discussion of her singing “now” and “then” with one of her former vocal coaches. Sean Smith remarks that her singing now is “highly stylized, within a very narrow range”. But her old vocal coach talks about her having a loud belting-type voice and says that he “can’t understand why she doesn’t use any of that now”.


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