A peek inside the mind of the princess of pop.

Take a peek inside the mind of the princess of pop.

Britney Spears recently said she doesn’t get the credit she deserves for singing live. Ditto for her songwriting.

Justin Tranter, who collaborated with Britney on most of her ninth LP, Glory, including “Invitation,” “Do You Wanna Come Over?,” “Slumber Party” and “Just Like Me,” says his time with Britney in the studio was a career highlight.

Tranter told Courtney Love in their interview together for OUT he was surprised at some of the song concepts Britney conjured up.

Here’s a copy + paste excerpt from the interview:

CL: Of all the pop stars you’ve written with, who has surprised you the most?

JT: There are my idols that I’ve gotten to work with, like you and Gwen Stefani and Glen Ballard. Those moments were like, everything you hoped would happen actually happened. You were in my house chain-smoking on my busted couch, writing the coolest lyrics I’d ever heard in 10 seconds. That lives up. Or the second Gwen steps up to the microphone, it’s that iconic voice only she has. But Britney [Spears] really surprised me. Britney had some really cool ******-up ideas for songs. For one of the songs that ended up on [Glory], “Just Like Me,” she was like, ‘What if we write a song where I’m so excited to go and meet with my man and I walk in and he’s hooking up with a girl who looks just like me?’ I was like, ‘OK, Britney Spears. I’ll write that song with you. Let’s ******* do this.’

CL: [Laughs] That’s so cool.

JT: Her voice is so iconic, I already knew that was going to happen, but no one ever talks about Britney coming in with crazy lyrical concepts for a song.

In May of last year, Tranter had nothing but praise about Britney’s songwriting skills.

“Nobody ever talks about Britney as a writer and she’s f**king great, like insane. Her concepts were bold and smart and very left of centre, in a good way,” he said. “Melodically, she has melodies for days. How come no one mentions that this girl can write the f**k out of a song?”

At the time, Tranter said Britney requested to work with him and Julia Michaels after recording their demos. “We got to work with her a bunch of times. She’s the sweetest. A couple [of songs] we wrote on our own and then she wanted to write with us. She’s an amazing writer.”

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