It considers to Kevin divided bad Federline

They say that where was fire, ashes are, or at least good desires and until advice, like whom it is giving Justin him Timberlake to its ex- Britney Spears, to that requests to him not to contract marriage with its present fiancè Kevin Federline, with whom it is very enamored at the moment and until it jeopardize.

On warnings there is no deceit

Briefly, Justin does not want that Britney marries with the dancer because a man does not consider sincere nor the suitable person for whom outside its sentimental pair by a pair of years.

According to it reports the American publication The National Enquirer , Justin has spoken with Britney to prevent it about not contracting marriage with Kevin, something that, according to has been mentioned, glides to do for before east year finishes.

“you do not comment the greater error of your life. The type already has two children. You would not have to be doing this “, is this Justin to him to Britney in agreement with the magazine.

Recently one occurred to know that Federline for the second time became father, after whom its ex- pair, the actress Shar Jackson, gave light in Orange County, California. With she herself already had procreated a girl, who at the moment has two years of age.

But not only Justin worries about the future about Britney. She is that the dancer Kerri Whittington, promised fiancèe and of Kevin previous to Britney, also alert to him to the Princess of the pop one on the danger to marry with him.

“He is ‘ encantador’ that nothing else walks making the rounds. It is a magnet of women. One will get tired of Britney and she will change it by somebody more. She always does “, commented Whittington to the British tabloide Mirror .

Perhaps with all these warnings, Britney would have to seat a little while and to analyze them, because surely in this occasion it wants that its marriage lasts more than first of 55 hours; perhaps although by as it seems this one could last 60 hours.

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