Justin Timberlake’s New Logo Semi-Confirms ‘Man of the Woods’ Album Title

December 31, 2017 By Jordan Miller

If you look carefully, the letters “M,” “O,” “T,” and “W” are included.

Justin Timberlake teases new album title.

Tired of reading about every detail surrounding Justin Timberlake’s forthcoming album? THEN LEAVE! Because the King is about to make a huge comeback, and every piece of information that trickles in is extremely important.

The latest? It appears JT’s record is in fact titled Man of the Woods. Timberlake’s official website displays a new logo, and if you look carefully the letters “M,” “O,” “T,” and “W” are included.

The name has been floating around for several weeks – ever since TMZ revealed he filed to trademark the phrase for merchandise. They also mentioned he filed to own the phrase “Fresh Leaves,” which is believed to be the singer’s lead single title.

What else do we think we know? The lead single is rumored to drop Jan. 5, Man of the Woods could be released right around the Super Bowl, it features a collaboration with country singer Chris Stapleton and tickets for his upcoming world tour are expected to go on sale mid-January.

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