Justin Timberlake’s next studio album is already shaping up to be a submersive experience.


UPDATE // MARCH 20, 2017:

Timbaland shared a behind-the-scenes picture of him and JT in the recording studio this weekend(!!!). He captioned it, “The masters at work.”

EARLIER // OCTOBER 16, 2016:

Justin Timberlake’s New Album Will Feature Collabos From Pharrell, Max Martin And Timbaland

Did you #NetflixAndJT this weekend? The ‘Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids’ 20/20 Experience concert is available to stream, which was a nostalgic experience. The Jonathan Demme-directed concert is now nearly two years old, so while it was a fun throwback to revisit some of his 20/20 classics, it left me feeling eager for the next era. JT admits there’s no tentative release date in sight for his fourth solo studio album, but he does confirm a couple of big names that are taking part: Pharrell, Max Martin and Timbaland.

In a new interview with BBC, Timberlake was asked if his next record leans towards country because of him working with Little Big Town in the studio. “I would not say that I’m making a country album,” Timberlake said. “But I also don’t like to say that I’m making an R&B album.”

He explains that his hometown of Memphis is the country capital of the world, but clarifies: “I did work with Little Big Town but that was because they were working with Pharrell. I have been in the studio with Pharrell, I have been in the studio with Max Martin, I have been in the studio with Timbaland.”

Tim and Pharrell are JT’s go-tos, and Max Martin is behind “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” All very promising news. Watch:

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