Takedown culture had its sights set on Justin Timberlake, but king has prevailed anyway.

Takedown culture had its sights set on Justin Timberlake, but king has prevailed anyway.

The Internet collectively decided it’s JT’s “turn” to get trashed the way Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have.

I feel like you know what I mean.

Despite claims of cultural appropriation amidst the Black Lives Matter movement, starring in a Woody Allen flick as the #MeToo movement marches forward and a confusing album concept, Timberlake’s new Pharrell x Danja x Neptunes-produced record, Man of the Woods, will hit No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.

Hits Daily Double published an industry forecast of what kind of Woods can pull off in its opening week. They estimate he’ll sell between 315-325k.

There’s several things worth noting here – that is Justin’s lowest opening week ever. His debut solo album, Justified, debuted with 439,000 copies in its first week. Fine, but the industry has vastly changed since 2002.

Elsewhere, Woods enters the U.K’s Official Albums Chart at No. 2.

325,000 units in 2018 is actually a very impressive feat – especially considering the kind of backlash (some deserved, most of it not) JT endured. It was not well-received by music critics and the general public, but the numbers don’t lie.

If you haven’t heard the record yet, give it a spin below (start with “Montana”):

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      1. First off: the music isn’t very good; most music critics agree with this.
        2018 is all about accountability. JT has made no effort to hold himself accountable for his recent missteps (BLM, Me Too, etc.). He’s sort of a poster boy for white male privilege at the moment, and hasn’t really made any effort to speak to this…or combat it, which is why he’s receiving all of this backlash.

      2. Really? Your going to be the site that takes his White privilege Male side in the #BlackLivesMatter/#MeToo era? Ok good luck with that. But let me remind you Britney never wanted people to know she wasn’t a Virgin But JT told the press anyway & Janet didn’t perform by herself & Prince did not like JT yet he did a tribute anyway. And he has stolen so much from black culture it’s criminal. So again good luck with being on his White/Straight/Rich/Male side. Lol Oh and don’t know if you’ve heard but…….TIMES UP!

        1. How has he stolen from black culture. Black culture owns music now? His music has always been and is heavily influenced by R&B, music which he writes. It makes me insane that people like yourself are putting up walls between cultures/people so it becomes a negative when we are inspired by each other’s differences. PC police go home, Justin deserves any success that he works for.

          1. You do realize that R&B was created by black people right? The main producers he works with are black. He is fully aware of the sound he has stolen over the last 16 years. It’s FINALLY his time to be exposed for the fraud he is.

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