Justin Timberlake: “She’s A Psycho And A *****”

July 29, 2004 By Jordan Miller

Justin Dishes Dirt On Britney:

Super-**** Justin Timberlake is speaking out for the first time about ex-girlfriend Britney Spears- and it ain’t pretty folks!
The pop star was at a magazine photo session, to promote his upcoming movie Edison, where he was overheard discussing his belly baring ex.
” She’s a psycho and a *****,” pronounced the star. ” Usually you can sort of stay friends with a girl when you break up but with her, but she was just crazy, mean and psycho. It just goes to show you can think you know someone, but you don’t really at all.” The superstar singer then went on to say that the two ” are not in touch at all.”

Star magazine — I highly doubt this, but you never know.