It’s been over ten years, but Justin Timberlake still is jaded towards Britney!

One Britney fan, who’s profile picture is a shot of JT and Brit from back in the day, Tweeted JT, saying:

honestly I don`t like ur profil pic

Justin snapped back minutes later, saying:

I don’t like yours either… Lol.

Looks like someone’s still crying a river.

UPDATE: Adam Levine Tweeted about it, saying:

@jtimberlake @JTBritney twitter angst. ‪#disengage‬!

UPDATE: Justin commented on the drama after Brit fans went crazy on him. He Tweeted:

i don’t… Listen to this one, you guys. I have the utmost respect for Britney! It’s the pic I’m cracking on.

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