JT says he needs more time to figure out the direction.


Justin Timberlake can’t comment on his next LP yet.

Justin Timberlake and Tyler, the Creator joined Neptunes artist Chad Hugo as guests on Pharrell’s Beats 1 OTHERtone radio show last Sunday. The group chatted about JT’s journey into solo superstardom with Justified, as well the direction he plans on taking with his next LP. Unfortunately for us, he doesn’t know yet.

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“It’s so in it’s infancy right now that I couldn’t say. And plus I won’t talk about that **** right now. Just because, there may be a longer length of time that this stuff that we’re working on right now [needs], and then when it comes out it may turn into something completely different.”

JT is currently collaborating with Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Little Big Town and Icona Pop on new music, possibly exclusively for the upcoming Trolls movie soundtrack, but perhaps he’s saving some for the forthcoming cut.

Pharrell’s co-host Scott Vener asked Timberlake how working with Pharrell has changed over time.

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“You have to remember, I was 21 when we did Justified. Pharrell was still like 48… you were what? 28? 29? For me, I felt like both of them were like big brothers to me in a lot of ways. I still feel that way obviously so there’s still that familiarity, but I’m 35 now and have lived some life… I’m sure a lot of men can say this too, you get to a certain age where you’re able to still feel like you’re want to move forward but you’re able to look in the rearview mirror… cause those are the moments you really learn about things. There’s a different air around it and I don’t know how it’s gonna end up but I know **** is sounding crazy right now.”

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