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Justin Timberlake Remembers His ‘Justified’ Days With Pharrell

JT says he didn’t think of going solo until he heard Chad Hugo playing the guitar during a recording session.


Justin Timberlake admits his split from *NSYNC happened after getting inspired from Chad Hugo of The Neptunes.

Fans of the boy band could see Justin’s solo career coming a mile away, but during an interview on Pharrell Williams and Scott Vener’s Beats 1 show OTHERtone for Apple Music, Timberlake says he wasn’t motivated to leave the group until he heard Chad Hugo mess around on the guitar.

“‘Last Night’ was a good one for personal reasons,” JT says looking back, then recalling the breezy tune “Let’s Take A Ride.” Literally the first day of recording… I remember walking in and was like ‘what are we gonna do?'” He recalls listening to Hugo playing the guitar intro to “Like I Love You.” That moment was so much of a confirmation for me because Pharrell and I had conversations before that point, cause we had worked on that one *NSYNC song called ‘Girlfriend,’ and I remember feeling like, ‘I have to do my own record and I have to go solo,'” he said. “I don’t know that I was so vocal about that at the time because it wasn’t as conscious of an idea, but I remember feeling like when I heard that, I just knew that when I walked in [and heard that]… these two guys were the answer to everything that I wanted to do.”

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