Justin Timberlake Made A Young Fan’s Day, Week, Month, Life

December 15, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Nothing like being at sold-out Barclays with the King of Brooklyn… #JT2020Tour

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Justin Timberlake’s been in a lot of movies, but there was nothing scripted about this.

During his sold-out concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY on Sunday, a 10-year-old boy dressed in a (as long as I got my) suit and tie handed Justin a present, telling the “Tunnel Vision” singer he’s been a fan since he was two.

It caught the normally composed JT off guard – taking a moment to step back from the spotlight to set the present (a bow tie) down.


“I love you kiddo. ****, that got me,” JT said. “You’re the coolest dude here.”

Watch the heart-felt moment here:

“I might have to wear that on Christmas day.”