Justin Timberlake’s new music video for “Supplies” is a visual spectacle.

Justin Timberlake’s new music video for “Supplies” is a visual spectacle.

JT broke the bank for his latest release off Man of the Woods. In the Dave Meyers-directed clip, Timberlake navigates his way through a world filled with wondrous terror.

The vid begins with the singer watching a dozen television monitors displaying harrowing scenes of destruction and protests. As he makes his way through an ominous city, JT encounters white-faced villains and white alligators, a seemingly obvious nod to the continual claims he takes advantage of black culture in his music. Here, even his shadow is white.

Actress Eiza González co-stars in the video alongside Justin. She swoops in and saves JT from the vanilla security guards with a punch to the face. Pharrell Williams also makes a brief cameo.

From there, it’s a bizarre journey through a futuristic world. There’s the destruction of an Illuminati-inspired pyramid the people worship, a high speed chase down the highway and a kiss inside a fireball. There’s also an eerie ending where a child literally yells at the viewer to WAKE UP.

Watch Timberlake’s socially-charged new music video below:

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  1. A rich white man’s viewpoint on the movement for social justice. Skinny young women w/ large breasts and leather boots setting a pyramid of money on fire while he bangs one to create a mixed new generation. Bad song too.

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