Justin Timberlake Is Back In The Recording Studio

Justin Timberlake is back in the recording studio!

JT has a lot work ahead of him if he wants to top his success with the “20/20 Experience.” The two-part album release felt like independent bodies of work merged together to create a masterpiece of innovation. It not only sold astoundingly well, but gave him enough material to tour the globe for several years, granting him the title as one of history’s most profitable male tours of all time. Can Timberlake recreate that success?

Yes! And thankfully that arduous process has already begun. Paparazzi caught him walking into the recording studio in L.A. on Monday, and by the looks of it (swoon) he’s on his A-game.

Justin Timberlake Is Back In The Recording Studio

Image via FameFlynet, DailyMail

What else is homeboy supposed to do while his wife has a bun in the oven?

Who’s excited for new JT?!