JT dropped by Ellen to talk about his son and “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”


JT dropped by Ellen to talk about new music his son and “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

“It’s kind of crazy,” Timberlake marvels about his 18-month-old Silas. “I feel like that guy who is bragging on his kid on national television, but he’s pretty rad. He’s kind of smart, you guys. He didn’t get that part from me,” he said.

He also gabs about his upcoming animated film Trolls.

“One of the perks of doing this film was I got to stream it early for my son and he already knows all the characters. He knows like 12 different characters. He’s a genius. He really is, you can clap for him,” Justin said.

It was a wasted opportunity to talk about his upcoming album, but he did have this to say:

“I am in the studio with Pharrell, and Tim and Max and his whole crew. I’ve always been this way,” JT said. “I just don’t know until it’s done. You want it to be right. You want it to be something you love.”


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