But expect it by 2018.


Justin Timberlake’s new album will definitely premiere by 2018. Sigh.

Timberlake swung by Comic-Con last week to promote his new film Trolls, but reporters couldn’t help but inquire about a follow-up to The 20/20 Experience.

JT was asked if he has plans to release the new record soon.

“Define soon,” he told EW. “I don’t know.”

They clarified, asking if it would arrive in 2017 or 2018.

“Definitely before that time period ends,” he said.

No surprise there. Timberlake told Tyler, the Creator during an interview on Pharrell’s Beats 1 OTHERtone show the new LP is “so in it’s infancy right now that I couldn’t say.”

He added: “and plus I won’t talk about that **** right now. Just because, there may be a longer length of time that this stuff that we’re working on right now [needs], and then when it comes out it may turn into something completely different.”

BRB hibernating until 2018.

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