Justin Timberlake literally can’t stop talking about Britney! Whether it’s about their time together as teen superstars, or kissing Britney, JT sure has a lot to say about his ex-girlfriend.

JT talked to ******* about Brit after they asked him about the shelf-life of a popstar:

*******: The public is not very kind to the aging pop star. Have you seen the dance-off video going around the internet between Old Britney and New Britney? It shows performances from her early days intercut with performances now. It’s not pretty.

TIMBERLAKE: The internet is a cruel place. What a ******-up thing to do.

*******: She’s had a pretty rough time the past few years.

TIMBERLAKE: I don’t have too much to say about her situation. I can’t remember the last conversation I had with her. But this thing that happens online bothers me—these anonymous commenters. People think they can say anything and it doesn’t matter to people. I’d love to see the people who comment about Britney online say those things to her face, because they couldn’t. Also, in Britney’s defense, if you pulled up a video I did from 2003, I couldn’t do the **** I did then either.

He should check out Exhale and read all the great things fans say about her here! Kudos to him for being supportive. +1!

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