Haters gonna say it’s fake.

Justin Timberlake has unleashed the music video for “Filthy.”

The Timbaland and Danja-produced track premiered an hour before its Mark Romanek-directed clip did. Read the gritty details of the song in our initial post here.

In it, Justin masterminds a futuristic robot with control of his own body. As the song swags along, the bot begins to grow confidence and seduce the female dancers on stage until it eventually simulates *** on stage in front of a crowd who aren’t entirely sure how to feel about it at first. The onlookers eventually warm up to the seducing cyborg *******, and it’s all thanks to JT’s slick moves behind the curtain. There’s a surprise twist at the end, but you’ll have to give it a play to see what’s up. 

Haters gonna say it’s fake! Watch the music video below:

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  1. Oh my this was so freaking boring….. I honestly made an effort to watch the whole thing.
    The song is typical Justin: except for some great pop gems in “Justified”, he has always made a few emotional but also many, many long-*** boring songs.

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