Justin Timberlake Cooks Up A “Filthy” Music Video And Serves It: Watch

Haters gonna say it’s fake.

Justin Timberlake has unleashed the music video for “Filthy.”

The Timbaland and Danja-produced track premiered an hour before its Mark Romanek-directed clip did. Read the gritty details of the song in our initial post here.

In it, Justin masterminds a futuristic robot with control of his own body. As the song swags along, the bot begins to grow confidence and seduce the female dancers on stage until it eventually simulates sex on stage in front of a crowd who aren’t entirely sure how to feel about it at first. The onlookers eventually warm up to the seducing cyborg playboy, and it’s all thanks to JT’s slick moves behind the curtain. There’s a surprise twist at the end, but you’ll have to give it a play to see what’s up. 

Haters gonna say it’s fake! Watch the music video below:

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