TeenHollywood: In an interview with “Access Hollywood,” pop star Justin Timberlake comes to former girlfriend Britney Spears’ defense regarding the alleged theft and unauthorized posting of photos of her and her one-month-old son on the Internet from a private photo shoot. The interview airs on “Access Hollywood,” Monday, October 24, 2005. “It’s a little crazy,” said Timberlake. “When a person like her, who’s obviously a sweet person, is having their first child, it’s like, ‘leave the girl alone, let her have the baby!'”

The actor/musician added that the entire incident exemplifies how the hunt for celebrity photos is spinning out of control. “I do think that’s crossing the line,” he said. “That’s her baby and those are her baby pictures.” On that note, Timberlake said that if people would try to exercise a little more patience with his former flame, chances are that in her own time, she will talk about her new baby. “At some point, you’re going to know about her son and get to see a picture,” he said. “These magazines work week-to-week, so I don’t understand why people can’t wait. Wait a week when she’s comfortable putting it out, that’s her family!”

Source: TeenHollywood

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