From the latest issue of “Details” Magazine featuring Justin Timberlake on the cover: All the red-eyed road-tripping through middle-of-nowhere America may tucker Timberlake out and upset his tummy, but it has its advantages. The people who make a living covering his *** life have been working almost as hard as he has lately; his “tour bubble” is a relative safe haven. The end of Timberlake’s nearly four-year relationship with Cameron Diaz is still selling copies of Us Weekly and People. His handlers have been frantically applying a just friends rubber stamp to sightings of Timberlake with Jessica Biel and Scarlett Johansson. And then there’s Britney.

Five years after they broke up and their careers took opposite paths, Timberlake and Spears, our Kmart-ified version of Charles and Diana, are still shackled together in the public eye. Yesterday she shaved her head. Tomorrow she’ll go to rehab. Again. Never mind K-Fed. Everyone wants to know what Justin thinks.

Justin, predictably, has basically no comment. He responds to inquiries about his personal life (are those run-ins with Cameron awkward?) with an attack on the gossip magazines that scrutinize it.

“I despise what they do,” he says, leaning forward, in response to the Britney Question. There’s a flush of red in his cheeks, but he stays meticulously on-point. “They create soap operas out of people’s lives. We had our thing, and it’s over. They edit that stuff like MTV edits reality shows. It’s a spin game, and I choose not to take part in it.”
“I would never say anything bad about anyone,” he says, winding down. His eyes scan the floor uncomfortably. Then he issues the safe statement: “I love a lot of those people.”

Source: Details Magazine

The reports ARE true that superstar Cher reached out to fellow pop queen Britney Spears during her stint in rehab. The 60-yr-old singer sent Spears a ‘goody basket’ of items which included homemade brownies, fashion magazines, and silk pajamas.

Source: Extra

Wacky TV modeling agency hostess Janice Dickinson is a huge Britney Spears fan!

TMZ spotted the self-proclaimed “World’s First Supermodel” on Robertson Blvd. yesterday, when she was asked about Britney Spears. Janice replied, “There is no scandal, what’s happened to her hair has nothing to do with the caliber of her music. She’s a brilliant musician … and she’s a brilliant person.”

This, from a woman wearing a red and black plaid fur-lined coat and carrying an electric green purse.

Source: TMZ

Avril Lavigne talks about Britney in the upcoming issue of Jane Magazine, and says: “I don’t know what the big deal was, because I’ve been spitting at paparazzi the past two years I’ve lived in L.A. It was funny. But I think if Britney had had no underwear on that week, my spitting thing wouldn’t have been talked about.”

Source: Jane Magazine

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