During a radio interview for the promotion of his latest album FutureSex/LoveSound, Justin was asked if it felt akward that TRL cut him for a moment to announce Britney had given birth to her second child. He went on to say that no, it didn’t. When asked if he still talked with Britney sometimes, he added “no, you guys are the ones trying to make it akward, I’m happy for the girl.”

He then talked about Kevin and said he didn’t hear much of his music yet. As for Britney, he mentioned that people shouldn’t count her out. “People expect her to not return and that she is over with. As someone who has been with her in a relationship and seen her work in the music industry, along with almost everyone in the business, knows to not count her out.” Justin added that he talked with Timband about it (he didn’t want to go into details) and he even admited that her next album has a lot of hype for not even a first single. Credit for the article goes to UBritney.com and Rosy for the general information.

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