Ryan-Justin said the best female vocalist of our generation would be Christina Aquilera you said that recently and…

Justin-I didn’t say it would be, it most defiantly is.

Ryan-It is.
– Have you always thought that?

Justin-no question

Ryan-Even when you were with Britney?

Justin-No Question.

-But you never said that then?

Justin- (Laugh) come on

Ryan-Come on man
Woman-Like what guy would say that?

Ryan- it’s just that I know you know how to be smooth you never said that then?

Justin- I think she would say the same thing.

Ryan- Really?

Justin- Yeah

Ryan-Now you two are not still in communication on a regular basis are you?


Ryan- she I heard was happy with some of the things you said though about her recently

Justin- I have no idea

Ryan-yeah she said that, I think you said that uh you hope her for the best and that your supportive of, quote been through a lot and tough times and think that she said some where else she also that she appreciates that sentiment, but she never reach out to, she hasn’t tried to call you or touch base with you?


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