“Our intention was to make every song so good that we had a problem picking singles,” says Justin, who is wrapping up his September release, FutureSex/LoveSounds. And now we are having a problem picking the singles.?

After his Justified tour wound down in late 2003, Justin says he put music aside to focus on acting: Three films featuring Justin–Edison, Alpha Dog, and Black Snake Moan–are slated to premiere this year. But about a year ago, he became fed up with what he heard on the radio (I just didn’t think it was that good, personally?) and got the bug to make another record. My main thing was that I didn’t want to sound like I did on Justified,? he says. I wanted to take a chance to experiment with the tone of my voice, the production and the arrangements.?

Justin started recording in LA with the BEP’s Will.I.am and later with Rick Rubin, but he hit his stride in Miami during sessions at the Hit Factory with Timbaland and Timba’s protege Nate Danja? Hills in November. There was no pretension,? he says. Every body was throwing ideas into the pot. And I can’t say enough about Timbaland. He knocked every beat out of the park.?

The trio struck gold on their first day in Miami, laying down What Goes Around Comes Around,? a soaring ballad featuring Justin’s falsetto, with verses and choruses that pile on top of one another with dizzying effect. That song has an A hook and a B hook,? says Justin. Somebody once said to me that when John Lennon found a hook for a song, he’d make it the verse. That’s what I was going for.? (The song, which is about a guy who gets dumped but has the last laugh, isn’t autobiographical in anyway,? says Justin. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have the experience to relay the message.?)

The album’s first single, Sexyback? which will hit radio on July 7th, was Justin’s attempt to harness the raw vocal emotion that he hears in singers like David Bowie, Michael Hutchence, and David Byrne. That he utters the phrase, I’m bringing **** back/ You mothafuckers watch how I attack? jibes with Justin’s belief that his audience has grown up with him. My music is for my age group? says the 25 year old. My Love? features a percussive loop played on wine glasses and a twenty-four bar rap from TI (other raps on the album come from Three 6 Mafia and Will.I.Am) before morphing into a salsa beat. Though the singer and his label, Jive Records have yet to agree on the final cuts, Justin says FutureSex/LoveSounds will be dominated by songs that came out of the Miami sessions, with one exception: the mellow Rubin-produced tribute to Donny Hathaway, Another Song?. Justin adds that his time in the studio with Rubin was so fruitful that it has inspired yet another album and he says that Another Song? will bridge the gap. We’ve done a bunch of songs together,? says Justin, who will show off about five of his new tunes during a US club tour in August. But I don’t want to jinx that–right now I’m just trying to get people’s ***** off the wall.?

Credit: Rolling Stone

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