Britney’s ex Justin Timberlake planned on extending an invitation to Brit for his wedding to actress Jessica Biel, but his wife-to-be is forbidding Brit, and JT’s other famous ex Cameron Diaz from attending, according to new reports.

“Jessica warned Justin to not even think about inviting another ex, Britney Spears. And she’s even limiting Justin’s party friends.”

The thought of Britney not attending is giving Justin cold feet. Ok, that’s a lie, but sources say he IS getting a little nervous.

“He’s putting on a brave face, but he feels like he’s marching to the gallows,” says the insider. “Justin ******* about Jess behind her back all the time. If the wedding planning is any gauge, their future together hardly looks bright.”

Probably the right decision, cause you know homegirl ain’t inviting JT to hers!

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