Bieber kills it on the drums.

Justin Bieber unintentionally stole the spotlight from Tori Kelly.

You might be wondering why Justin Bieber was caught casually playing the drums after Tori Kelly’s performance on The Late Late Show with James Corden Tuesday night, it’s because both Bieber and Kelly share Scooter Braun as their manager, and somewhere along the way Bieber innocently lent his star power to promote his label-mate.

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen the Biebs play drums – his last stint was during his now infamous Calvin Klein photoshoot, though this time around he kept the clothes on. His unannounced cameo on the late show was a welcome surprise and another smooth effort to win back his once squeaky clean image. And damn, the guy can play! Watch it above.

And because we feel morally obligated to, here’s Kelly’s performance last night of “Nobody Love” off her upcoming Unbreakable Smile debut.

What did you think of Bieber’s drum skills?