What a time to be alive.

What a time to be alive.

I’m just going to get right to it. Justin Bieber is still on the road performing his Purpose Tour. During his stop in Frankfurt, Germany, for the Wireless Festival last week, the pop star took off his Yeezy Boost 350 V2s and chucked them into the audience.

The right one is currently being auctioned off on eBay right now for $5,700. The lucky fan is named Laura Schuerhaus and explained in a video interview with Trending Live how she obtained the shoe and defends her intent to sell it (she’s not a Belieber and feels it should go to a legitimate fan – one with deep pockets). It’s worth mentioning she’ll donate a portion of the loot to charity. “Through all the media attention people keep asking why we are selling the shoe: We do like Justin and his music but there are people dying to have this shoe and we are just no huge beliebers so it wouldn’t be fair to keep it. Also Part of the profit will be DONATED to a local charity if we sell the shoe.”

Meanwhile, the left shoe, obtained by a separate fan, is now immortalized as an Instagram account under the name @theleftyeezy. At the time of posting, theleftyeezy had amassed 6,800 followers. As in, 6,800 people are following Justin Bieber’s left shoe.

OMG ?? someone is sellin my bru. I am sooo sad. Yeezy of @justinbieber. #belieber #sneaker #sneakerhead #yeezy #wirelessfestival #sneakerness #theleftyeezy #music #bieber#bieberlove #sneakercollector #justinbieber #adidas #makeyeezygreatagain #bizzle #bieberfever #believe #purpose #bieberfamily #justinfan #adidas #yeezyboost #kickstagram #sneakerhead #igsneakers

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Here’s Justin Bieber holding them once upon a time:

Alright, which one of you has put in a bid?

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