Justin Bieber’s Purpose Meet & Greet Selfies Are The Worst

March 10, 2016 By Jordan Miller

What the actual?

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Here’s what $2000 will get you.

Justin Bieber kicked off his Purpose World Tour in Seattle on Wednesday, which is already receiving rave reviews for the wild experience fans get watching one of our generation’s largest pop stars stomp through familiar hits like “Where Are Ü Now,” “Baby,” “Love Yourself” and the show’s closer, “Sorry.”

However, we’re not here to further the Biebs’ reputation as a bonafide pop force, but to point out how terribly awesome his Meet & Greet experience looked. Ahead of the show, Bieber allowed fans who were willing to shell out thousands of dollars take a “Meet & Greet” selfie with him, but from the looks of it, Bieber would rather be anywhere but there. The fans do get professional shot with state-of-the-art lighting as well, but nonetheless these are impressively bad.

Perhaps it was pre-show jitters, but Justin looks so unimpressed we’re willing to bet it’s too late now to say sorry.

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