Bieber’s Jack Ü collaboration got even more interesting!

Justin Bieber's Original "Where Are Ü Now" Vocals Surface

The unedited version of Justin Bieber’s Jack Ü collaboration on “Where Are Ü Now” is equally impressive.

There’s major potential to ruin a song’s vibe when the “original” surfaces. This is not the case with Justin Bieber’s vocals on the Diplo / Skrillex banger, instead granting fans of the song another take of the already delicious summer tune. One of the song’s producers, Poo Bear, shared the audio for fans to drool over while Bieber continues recording his next studio album (it is thought this version will land on it).

“This was the version that was cut before Diplo and Skrillex actually got a hold of it and put that incredible sound on it,” Poo Bear said on Dash Radio. “It just went gold actually yesterday, congratulations Jack Ü & Justin. If I’m not mistaken, this version will go on his album.”

Bieber shot a music video for the song which drops soon, but in the mean time check out his version sans the brilliant Jack Ü production.

Via Rap Up

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