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Justin Bieber's Next Single Titled "No Pressure"

What does Justin Bieber know about pressure anyway?


Justin Bieber is going ride out “What Do You Mean” until Nov. 6 when he will release his next single titled “No Pressure” off the Promise album out Nov. 13. A clip of it leaked onto the Internet ahead of schedule, but was dutifully pulled over the weekend.

Justin Bieber teases his album title name

In it, Justin cooed:

Sometimes I feel like I can’t
Sometimes I feel like I can’t control it

He even played a bit of it during his appearance on The Edge’s Smash! show in New Zealand, but pesky label reps made them to delete any trace of it.

Bieber posted a photo on Instagram last week with the caption “No pressure,” but at the time no one was privy as to on why.

No pressure

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You ready?