Could “Purpose” be Justin Bieber’s upcoming album name?

Justin Bieber's New Album Might Be Titled "Purpose"

Following Justin Bieber’s “Believe” is “Purpose.”

Now that the Biebs is coming into his own and reflecting on his crazy days, he’s living life with purpose. We imagine that’s exactly where he got the inspiration behind his upcoming album title. We can’t confirm The Biebs’ new record is titled “Purpose” no thanks to his captionless Tweet(s) with the hashtag #6weeks, but that time-frame is right around when his new record is slated to drop (Nov. 13).

Don’t think we didn’t catch the hand-written/doodle theme he’s kept since “Where Are U Now.”

“I forgot what I was about, what my mom raised me to be,” Bieber says in the new issue of Complex magazine. “I veered off, and I got tainted. I came into the music industry at 13. I was trying to trust people and they’d break my heart at 15. You have your perceptions of people. There are awesome people who are the lovely, amazing, joyful kind.”

He adds, “But I only saw people who are ****** and were taking advantage of me. When you have that perspective, the way you act changes. I was basically like, **** everybody. Then I started doing my own thing. I got into a little bit of trouble—nothing that other 20-year-olds don’t get into—just rebelling a little bit. Now, being 21, I’m coming into my own and around some pretty cool people who are not afraid to tell me what’s real.”

It’s only a matter of time until the actual cover art lands online! Do you like the name?