That is what’s claimed, anyway.

Justin Bieber's Naked Pictures Might Be Photoshopped: BreatheHeavy Exclusive was sent photos of what is claimed to be the un-edited, raw versions of Justin Bieber’s naked photos that went viral on Wednesday. We saw several pictures that are claimed to be the originals, and there are noticeable size differences, if you know what we mean.

It is claimed by the source the photos taken of Bieber vacationing in Bora Bora “was all staged. There was no paparazzi.” They add someone from Bieber’s team “sent someone from digital to snap the photos at a specific time.”

They add, “you can tell Justin knew by the way he stared at the photographer on some pics.”

“He insists on making the world believe he has a big *****. Still sore about the untouched Calvin Klein pictures. They claim this scandal was “all his idea.”

The source goes on: “digital created some shadowing in the crotch area so that the enhancing looked more realistic… but they forgot about the direct sunlight on him.”

We did find the timing of the **** photos coinciding with Bieber’s album cover announcement for “Purpose” a bit odd.

Previous reports claimed Bieber’s legal team were threatening to sue the New York Daily News unless they removed the photos within 12 hours of their email, however the photos remain on their website. His lawyers also confirmed the photos are authentic.

The source continued The NYDN bought the photos not knowing they had been digitally altered.

Earlier this year, BreatheHeavy published photos of Bieber from his Calvin Klein shoot that appeared to be Photoshopped to make him bigger, though his camp denied that and we retracted the story.

Bieber’s dad commented on the photo scandal today, posting on Twitter: “@justinbieber what do you feed that thing. #proud daddy”

“He wants to sell ***, but not directly,” the source continued. “He can’t pose ****, that’s a no-go for now. It was clever, but sloppy.”

BreatheHeavy cannot confirm or deny, but we felt compelled to share.