The photos are indeed of Justin Bieber, his legal team confirms.

Justin Bieber's Legal Team Threaten Legal Action Over **** Photos

Justin Bieber’s ***** has gone viral.

Normally that’d send you to the ER, but Bieber’s matter is entirely different. In a **** move, a paparazzo from a ways away managed to snap a series of photos of the “Promise” singer sans clothing during his vacation in Bora Bora this week then sold them to The NY Daily News. THR has it on good authority Bieber’s legal team aren’t taking this lightly; they’re threatening legal to sue the publication unless the photos are taken down within 12-hours of their notice.

At the time of this posting, the pictures remained very much at large on their site.

The cease and desist letter sent to the NYDN confirms the photos are indeed of Bieber. It reads: “We recently became informed that your company has obtained and is distributing unauthorized photographs of our Client including images showing him without clothing.”

Bieber’s legal reps claim the posting the photos “represents a violation of the singer’s publicity and privacy rights” and infringes on Bieber’s trademarks.

Bieber has remained awfully quiet since the scandal, however he did favorite this Tweet from Chrissy Teigen that said “No one is ever disgusted by the pig who preys on, photographs and sells pictures of someone naked. Just the celebrity for being naked. Ok.”

TMZ caught the Biebs all smiles today (Oct. 8) making small talk with Mark Wahlberg in Beverly Hills, so we imagine he’s not too upset by the entire ordeal.

Afterall, he does have an album to promote, ya dig?