Justin Bieber’s Disguise Got Him Even More Attention

October 7, 2016 By Jordan Miller

Never had to hide like we do, we do.

Never had to hide like we do, we do.

Justin Bieber is staying off Instagram. Sort of. The pop star looks like he’s in better spirits as of late, playfully walking around the streets of Amsterdam wearing a press-on mustache and beard, wig and sunglasses. Sure, he attracted more attention to himself, but that’s not the first time Bieber is a walking contradiction. I just didn’t think he’d take that title so literally.

One Belieber caught one special moment when he sarcastically asks a girl, “does this look real?” His security then demands they stop filming, despite Bieber making a spectacle of himself.

"Does this look real" ?

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Via StereoGum

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