The song samples Rich Gang’s “Bigger Than Life.”


Justin Bieber’s new song is bigger than life.

We’re not impressed with Justin Bieber’s recent bratty antics — the abrupt walk-off at a radio interview, ditching a concert one song in because of a few unruly fangirls, schooling an audience how to clap on beat or flipping a chair at a restaurant (it’s OK, he got bad news).

His arrogance might be back on display for the world to gawk at, but his songs off Purpose thus far are on point.

On Sunday (Nov. 8), another song off Bieber’s forthcoming record out Nov. 13 hit the net. It’s the Target Deluxe track “Bigger Than Life,” a power ballad where Bieber sings about the warm and fuzzy things about love (it’s all about the magic). It samples Rich Gang’s “Bigger Than Life.”

Listen below:

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