Feast on new music from Justin Bieber.

Four years have passed since Bieber released a new album, but that’s all about to change.

JB made his grand return today (Jan. 3) with a new music video for a song titled “Yummy.” It’s the first taste off his forthcoming record. He’s also readying a YouTube series titled Seasons.

On “Yummy,” which is definitely not pop #R&Bieber, Bieber sings over a syrupy beat about the intoxicating feeling of lust. Lyrically, it’s a tad bland, but frequent collaborator Poo Bear (Purpose, Journals) still prepared something slick.

“Yea you got that yummy, yummy yummy,” Bieber chants throughout the chorus. He also found a way to plug his new fashion line, Drew.

Is “Yummy” the best Bieber banger we’ve ever heard? Not so much, however take that with a grain of salt; there’s real potential “Yummy” is a grower. Obviously, expect it to dominate the Hot 100 next week.

Check out the newly-premiered video, then let us know what you think in the comments. Register an account in 30 seconds and use your voice!

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  1. Sounds like a Chris Brown rip off with a hint of Hot Line Bling. I like it but it felt like he found his sound on Purpose and this feels like he’s jocking Chris’ aesthetic.
    This will def go top 5 if not number one!

  2. Simple song (NOT R&B, just a hint) but he makes it SWAGGY heh :p
    What can I say, his voice is hypnotizing, and this will definitely be a hit. But this has that “Purpose” sound, which is good, but he already did that, and that album was released four years ago, and this song is about ***, so where’s that very publicized (again) growth, JB? STEP.THAT.P*SSY.UP.

  3. Justin, girl, this is 100% a POP song. IT’S a BOP don’t get me wrong, but an R&B jam usually has a little more substance than “Yummy yum, yea yummy yummy” to it sweetie. (Ginormous eyeroll emoji)

    You know what really steams me? This is yet another moment where woman in music don’t get there dues. Justin calls this a “new sound” or “the best music he’s made yet”…

    Girl, Ariana Grande ran this damn recipe up the charts consistently for the past 2 years while The holy Biebs has been on Twitter making squabbles with Taylor Swift fans. Now it’s groundbreaking and ready to release?

    This was about the safest damn sound he could release. Fits right in there with Ariana, Post Malone, and others… it’s nothing original or new.

    Thank You, NEXT.

  4. Wait wait wait…wasn’t he going to release gospel music? Cuz those lyrics would’ve probably been better than this. At least Selena can rest knowing his music about her was much better.
    It’s okay what’shername, we still would sit on him. I mean love him. Yeah yeah yum yum

  5. My radio station has it playing every hour on the hour…so I’m sure it will debut big..
    Parts of it I like but some of the verses I couldn’t even quote it after hearing it a few times.
    I think someone shoulda tell him he’s still Pop though.

  6. I’m glad he’s back. I found it underwhelming that he started the song with the chorus because there was no buildup, but I like it. I hope I don’t get sick of it quickly though, because it’s kinda repetitive. Bass in it is nice though.

  7. It feels like Justin is trying to go in the same music direction than Ariana since it worked very well for her and they share the same manager… but Ariana really put it in the work and gave great songs. Yummy is not a bad song, but I get such a lazy vibe from Justin… I am tired that the male pop music often give this vibe of “I don’t care/I could sing in my PJs (or naked) and you would still buy my music”

  8. I hate that even though the video is just one setting, i’m still captivated cause he just looks so… yummy. 😂🙊HAHAHAH❤ And I think I saw where Miss Fame would’ve been had she agreed to be a apart of the video. Glad she said no cause it’s nothing special anyway.

    1. I actually don’t see how The Fame could have been a part of this. This video clearly gives “white trash” vibes, and The Fame is nothing of the sort; quite the opposite, she’s elegance. So this makes me mad at his team (or Justin himself) for thinking that she could be good for this concept, because that means that they consider her a weird character (the video is full of them), some kind of living parody. That’s awful. I’m glad that she was smart and brave enough to reject the proposal (she had many reasons to say no).

      1. PS: This has to be said, though. Once again he’s in a freaking sweatshirt and wife beater doing goofy stuff in front of the camera. Later on he attempts some basic choreo, but he’s doing the least. Yet we expect SO MUCH from our pop women: they have to have their bodies on point, look great (and give us many amazing outfit changes), dance like pros, give face, have stage presence, be fierce but also relatable and nice, come up with hot new original music (which wouldn’t hurt if they also wrote them themselves), etc, etc. And then comes this rich white dude acting a fool but looking cute and everybody loving him. Seriously, WE are the problem.

  9. I just saw the video. This mf is absolutely mesmerizing to watch, I hate him haha. And this will be a hit. But (or because) the song basically is “Hotline Bling”.

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